About The blog- I’ll be writing about the things I love: empowering young women, nourishing ourselves with respect and natural foods, eating seasonally and sharing lovely meals with the people who make your heart shine! I hope to inspire you and your friends to learn to love your relationship with food, and each other.

About Me: I am a food lover, >turned certified health & wellness consultant >turned private chef. I grew up with a love of food, and want to share that love with you!

About the Name: Lovely is came from a beautiful friend, (and fellow foodie) of mine. Years ago when I was living in North Carolina, she made me a cassette tape called Lovely is… Filled with happy music I listened to the whole drive up the coast home! That was three years ago, and recently I found the cassette hidden in the car, the morning I was starting the blog. Coincidence? Its perfect, and I hope you find it as lovely as I do.

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